"...Thank you again for all the time and work putting together our recent trip to Mississippi and Tennessee. ...I learned more in a few subjects there than I have in the last year of classes. It was indeed a very enlightening experience."

  -- Kevin H., Advanced MBA Student

"Thanks for providing San Diego's leaders with programming and tours that are rich with meaningful information about the cultural, political and economic issues that affect our border region."

 -- Sherrie-Lyn M. Thompson, VP-Programs, LEAD San Diego


We're not your normal educational tour company. CrossborderTours is focused on business, trade, and real civic and policy issues in the Americas.


Whether you're trying to learn more about manufacturing in Mexico, trends along the U.S.-Mexico border, or gain insights about U.S. industries and regions, our customized, professional, fact-filled educational tours allow our clients to gain new perspectives -- and explore new opportunities.


Our team's business research and consulting in Mexico, the U.S. and the NAFTA region (via our parent company, Crossborder Group Inc.) gives us data and contacts that are at the heart of our highly-rated, customized tour programs. 


Each Tour is designed as a all-inclusive One- or Multi-Day packages that include ground transportation, visits to several businesses/sites each day, speakers and/or panel discussions, networking meals with experts, on-bus refreshments, visa facilitation (with US and Mexico immigration officials), informational packets, hotel accommodations, a custom website -- and even optional emergency medical insurance for the course of the trip.  CrossborderTours' unique, executive-class touch ensures our clients are comfortable, safe, and focused on learning about the industries or regions that they're visiting -- going beyond textbooks and the media.


Educational tour destinations include key business destinations in Mexico (such as Baja California, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Guanajuato, Mexico City, Chihuahua, Querétaro, Puebla, and the Yucatan)... and dynamic business regions in the United States (such as California and Washington, Border States like Arizona and Texas, the newly industrializing South [such as Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama], and other States like Michigan and Pennsylvania).


Whether it's a One-Day trip to understand Mexico's border communities, a 3-Day program exploring manufacturing operations in Central Mexico or the Southern United States, or a 4-Day program highlighting technology and international trade in California -- CrossborderTours can make it happen!



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Executive Briefings


No time for a tour? Let us bring the experts to you -- with a customized, 2-4 hour Executive-level workshop at your business, university, or other location. 


Executive Briefings include on-site presentations by 2-3 industry or border experts, as well as an optional Mexico issues/trends report customized to your needs and developed by our Mexico market research team at CrossborderBusiness.com (a division of Crossborder Group Inc.).



Trade Missions


With a wealth of contacts and business insights in Mexico and the United States, CrossborderTours can also assist international trade organizations from around the world with inbound trade mission planning, logistics, and both governmental and business networking opportunities. Contact us for more information.


Crossborder Event Planning


Do you need event planning for a facility groundbreaking, a private event , or a multi-day strategic retreat for your organization?  Our team can provide a professional touch that few others can -- with over 15 years of experience planning and managing events in the binational US-Mexico border region, for events ranging in size from 10 to 500 attendees.













Our Tour Services:

Multi-Day Educational Tours

Our Multi-Day tour programs are typically 2 to 4 days -- and include ground transportation, refreshments, 2-3 visits per day (manufacturers or maquiladoras, logistics companies, technology firms, developments, NGOs, or other locations that fit our clients' goals), and most meals -- plus, an online agenda, reading packets, and (of course) time to relax and learn about the region you're visiting!

One-Day Educational Tours

Similar to Multi-Day tours, we are also experts at organizing information-rich, safe, and enjoyable One-Day educational programs in California or Baja California -- that include ground transportation, refreshments, 2-3 company or site visits, lunch with regional government or business leaders, an online agenda, reading packets, an introductory morning briefing, and/or networking - depending on our clients' goals.

Sample Programs

CrossborderTours makes it easy to learn about companies, communities, and important policy issues throughout North America -- and we take care of all the logistical details so you don't have to.


Some sample program agendas from recent tour projects can be found on the following links:





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